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Lot of 6 Sun Kissed (Wholesale)


Buy Serafine wholesale in lots of 6 at a per-unit price of 15.99!

Sun Kissed is an all-natural SPF 15 sunscreen

that fights the harmful effects of the sun  while allowing the skin to breath. The moisturizing compounds will not clog the pores  but will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

It’s fantastic for the most sensitive of skin.



Buy Serafine wholesale in lots of 6 at a per-unit price of 15.99!


Features and Benefits of Ingredients

Apricot Kernel Oil



Moisturizes, thickening agent, non-toxic protection

Coconut Extract

Hydrating properties, soothing. Antioxidant


Coconut Oil

Moisturizes, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Has healing, regenerating and rejuvenating properties

Hemp Seed Oil

Fatty acid, essential minerals, nutritious, beneficial

Meadowfoam Oil

Antioxidant rich, softening, moisturizing aromatherapy

Shea Butter

Rich in vitamin E and A


Thyme Oil

Antibacterial, acne-reducer, anti-fungal, antiseptic, bug repellent. Disease prevention properties

Vitamin E

High fatty acid

Zinc Oxide Powder

Promotes natural healing, oxygenizing, UV ray protection

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