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Lot of 6 Peacemaker (Wholesale)


Buy Serafine wholesale in lots of 6 at a per-unit price of 15.99!

Peacemaker targets pain and inflammation quickly with 18 different anti-inflammatory ingredients, easing sore muscles and joints while improving circulation.  The powerful oils are effective on skin blemishes, dark spots, warts, and skin tags. Fantastic for active people and arthritis patients.



Buy Serafine wholesale in lots of 6 at a per-unit price of 15.99!


Features and Benefits of Ingredients


Moisturizes, thickening agent, non-toxic protection

Capsicum Butter

Reverses signs of aging, prevents oxidative damage, skin cancer, blemishes and rashes. Relief from a variety of skin problems

Chaparral Oil

Alleviates skin rashes

Cinnamon Oil

Fragrance, libido, circulation

Cocoa Butter

Moisturizes, anti-aging, boosts immunities, reduces inflammation

Coconut Oil

Moisturizies, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, healing properties, regenerating and rejuvenating properties

Essential Oil Blend

Heals wounds, heals infections, reduces visibility of cellulite and varicose veins

Frankincense Oil

Antiseptic, astringent, acne, disinfectant, bug bites, carminative, sedative

Grapeseed Oil

Base, emollient properties

Hemp Seed Oil

Fatty acid, essential minerals, nutritious

Mustard Seed Oil

Prevents hair loss, stimulates blood circulation, treats infection

Olive Oil

Soothes, calms, nourishes. Anti-aging, antioxidant

Orange Oil

Tightens skin, has rejuvenating and regenerating properties ,aromatherapy. Good for circulation

Thyme Oil

Antibacterial, acne-reducer, anti-fungal, antiseptic, bug repellent. Disease prevention properties

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