Nicki Foxx, Owner and Founder of Serafine Skin, has been creating medicinal topicals for 10+ years. She has taken her experience in this field and applied its concept to create a unique therapeutic skin care line unlike any other on the market.

Nicki has been diligently studying  health and wellness for over 20 years. The more she studied the inner workings of the human body,  the more she realized the adverse effects her everyday products were having on her health. Her passion became to educate the world about the products they put in and on their bodies and how these products, however harmless they may seem, are causing great health problems for millions of people. Nicki  turned to nature for the solution. Through her studies she learned nature has provided all that humans need to live healthy, productive lives. She has worked closely with horticulturists and chemists to gain knowledge about certain healing plants and their extractions, creating specific formulations for specific needs.   Nicki made it her mission to create products that boast the finest qualities of nature’s healing power, while making the client feel pampered and happy.

Nicki believes other than nature, Serafine’s greatest asset is its team. Each person on the Serafine Team believes in the power of nature, and has first hand experience with the unique benefits of each product. Their mission  is to become a household name for premium natural body care products, and change the way people approach the health of their skin.  Together they hope to educate the world  and be the natural answer to people’s questions about their health, and a destination to achieve their wellness goals.